5 of Melbourne’s best hot cross buns


Chockers with fruit. Studded with fancy chocolate. Laced with frankincense. The humble hot cross bun with basic spice and fruit has grown legs and run off in all sorts of tasty directions. But where do you go to find the best? Here are five favourites, with a few honourable mentions.

  1. Tivoli Road Bakery

    1. Tivoli Road hot cross bun
    2. 3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra, 9041 4345
    3. Queues snake out the door of this busy bakery, with good reason. Moist and oh-so tasty, these hot cross are made with top notch ingredients, including butter from King Valley Dairy, Green Eggs, St David Dairy’s milk and fruit from Murray View Organics. Get in early because these buns sell out fast.
  2. Baker D. Chirico

    1. Baker D and Pidapipo hot cross bun sandwich
    2. 149 Fitzroy St, St Kilda and 178 Faraday St, Carlton, 9534 3777
    3. Supremely rich and delicious, Baker D’s sweet new bun uses hazelnut and Hunted+Gathered 60 per cent Dominican Republic dark chocolate, but this year they’ve taken it to the next level teaming up with Carlton gelataria Pidapipo to make an Easter sandwich. Pidapipo’s gelato is also choc full of Hunted+Gathered milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Order half a dozen buns with a tub of the gelato via UberEats.
  3. Black Star Pastry

    1. Black Star Pastry hot cross bun
    2. 56-66 University St, Carlton, 9557 8656
    3. Sydney’s famous Black Star Pastry team have been churning out their famous sweet treats on a back street of Carlton since February. They say the pop up will disappear in a few weeks, but maybe not? Make sure you try their hot cross buns while you can. The light and spicy dough has the just-right amount of fruit and peel, but it’s the frankincense in the sticky glaze that takes this bun to the next level.
  4. Rustica

    1. Rustica hot cross buns
    2. 402 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 7775
    3. Super soft with plump fruit, Rustica’s brioche hot cross buns melt in your mouth when toasted, with loads of butter in mix. The glaze is sticky and delicious, with orange puree rather than peel.
  5. Irrewarra Sourdough

    1. Irrewarra hot cross buns
    2. Stockists across Victoria, including The Bread Box, Queen Vic Market
    3. These 100 per cent sourdough buns are baked in my home town (not that Irrewarra’s a town… it’s more of a postcode), so I’ll always have a soft spot for their baked gear, but these hand-shaped gems deserve kudos, filled with dried fruit, peel and spice. No added sugar or eggs, these dense little buns are best served hot with the best butter you can buy.

More top buns…

Mork‘s triple-choc hot cross buns is loaded with single-origin Madagascan chocolate. Find them at Mork’s Chocolate Brew House (150 Errol St, North Melbourne).

Red Beard Bakery (38A High St, Trentham) whips up hot cross buns in a huge 19th century Scotch oven in one of the prettiest towns in Victoria’s central highlands. Make the trip to Trentham. You won’t be disappointed.

Phillippa’s (1030 High St, Armadale and other outlets) always produce a good bun – light and juicy with fresh spices.

Babka (358 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) tops their buns with an addictive sweet and sticky glaze, making it difficult to resist, like everything else coming out of the oven at this bakery.


5 of Melbourne’s best hot cross buns