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24 2014 Jan

Win a detox in a box – home delivered

Win a 7-day juice detox
in a box – home delivered

AFD Detox BoxHere’s your chance win a box full of detox goodness – all delivered to your front door with no strings attached.

The fruit & veggie gurus at Aussie Farmers Direct have come up with the ultimate DETOX BOX, chock full produce and recipes to chop, blitz and blend your way through seven days of the healthiest juice combos on the planet.

Five of the Best has TEN of these tasty boxes to give away. Click HERE TO ENTER.

And if you want to try Aussie Farmers’ home delivered local produce for yourself, Five of the Best subscribers get their first fruit and veg box delivered for half price… once again, no strings attached.

Have a great long weekend.


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7 2013 May

All hail the caramel slice

Ode to the perfect caramel slice

Is it the chilly weather?

Or are we just a city of sweet-fanged chocoholics?

Either way, our Top 5 search for a perfect caramel slice is the single, most popular story ever posted on the Five of the Best site.

To pay homage to that sticky square of caramel/biscuit/chocolate, here’s a reminder of the five amazing bakeries that produce Melbourne’s top 5 caramel slices. And for any home bakers keen to have a crack at your own caramel slice, here’s MoVida Bakery’s secret recipe.

But there’s more sugary goodness coming your way. Keep an eye out for Thursday’s chockerblock Five of the Best newsletter, with another controversially sweet Top 5 heading your way – THE DOUGHNUT.

We’ll also give you a last minute survival guide to Mothers’ Day, plus the best bits of Melbourne’s Good Beer Week (through a well-worn pair of beer goggles), and MORE.

Have a great day.


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17 2013 Feb

What meal meant the most to you?

RadioHappy Sunday

Looking for something to do on this sizzling hot Sunday afternoon?

Pull up a comfy pew in front of a fan and tune in to 3AW’s Weekend Break with Grubby Stubbs and Dee Dee Dunleavy at 2pm today.

I’ll be talking to Grubby and Dee Dee about our most special meals of all time.

Listen online here.



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21 2012 Nov

Good food hunter

Finding Victoria’s tastiest food

Meet Sarah Robins, food advocate. The Kiwi-born Melburnian (right) travels Victoria searching for our best and freshest sources of fresh produce – all in a day’s work (hardship posting, right?).

Sarah is will release a stunning new book about her travels later this month, recounting her visits to farmers’ markets, orchards, heirloom veggie growers, cellar doors, rare breed meat producers, farm gates, pick-your-own farms and more (like the Angelica Organic Farm garlic, above). The book will also feature more than 80 seasonal recipes by top chefs and home cooks.

For a sneaky taste of Sarah’s adventures, Five of the Best has her personal top five local foods in season, all found at local farmers’ markets.

Paris to ProvenceAnd on the subject of fabulous food….

South Yarra’s Paris to Provence festival returns to Como House this weekend, giving francophiles a tres-bon excuse to eat their body weight in charcuterie and crepes. The pop-up village opens Friday night, with cooking demonstrations from Melbourne’s hottest French chefs.

If you need more inspiration, check out Five of the Best for more food and fun in Melbourne.

And have a great day.




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20 2012 Nov

Eat your weeds

How to forage for
greens in the city

To the untrained eye. Melbourne’s nature strips and riverbanks are overgrown with weeds.

But for Raymond Capaldi, our lush spring undergrowth is a delicious source of food. Every day, the Scottish-bred owner/chef at Hare and Grace goes hunting for sorrel, dandelion, berries, thistles, wild mint and more, using the foraged goodies at his Collins St restaurant to add unique flavour and visual interest.

But there are special tricks and rules to follow in the foraging world, so check out Ray’s TOP FIVE TIPS before you grab a basket and start weed hunting.


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16 2012 Nov

Weekend calling…

Need some inspiration for the weekend?

Five of the Best is here to help.

First you can fill your fridge and pantry with delicious goodies, thanks to our top five guide to this weekend’s best farmers’ markets.

Then you can check out our top five COCKTAILS and DESSERTS at Taste of Melbourne, rocking Albert Park until Sunday.

And if you’re a staying home, check out Phillippa Grogan’s amazing cake tips, Adrian Richardson’s top five tips for perfect steak, Paul Wilson’s advice for a winning barbecue, Shannon Bennett’s top five coffee joints and Darren Purchese’s top five dessert cookbooks.

Plus a whole heap more at Melbourne’s own Five of the Best.



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14 2012 Nov

Happy hump day

For the sweet fangs out there…

First we did the hard yards and found top five COCKTAILS at Taste of Melbourne, the four-day food frenzy launching at Albert Park tomorrow night.Eton Mess by Mr Hive

Now we bring you the top five Taste of Melbourne DESSERTS (another real hardship posting… check out Mr Hive’s Eton Mess to the right). Big thanks to fellow sweet fang Adam Valentine for taste testing beyond the call of duty. Watch out for Adam at Albert Park… he’s be the handsome chap rocking back-and-forth with a chronic sugar crash.

In other sweet news, Melbourne’s biggest sugar hound Darren Purchese has told us his top five dessert cook books OF ALL TIME. If you love to cook sweet goodies, this is the post for you.Phillipa's Butter Cake

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the top five cake baking tips from Melbourne’s sourdough goddess Phillippa Grogan, complete with a recipe for her famous butter cake (try looking at that picture without drooling).



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13 2012 Nov

Two more sleeps…

Taste of Melbourne is coming

Just two more sleeps until Taste of Melbourne, that fabulous excuse for debauched over-eating with Melbourne’s hottest restaurants coming together in one groovy spot on the banks of Albert Park Lake.

If you’re anything like me, it’s impossible to pace yourself with so many great chefs plying their wares, like the queue-down-Collins-St Mamasita, Falls Creek’s hot newby Three Blue Ducks, Tony Twitchett’s award-winning Taxi Dining Room, John Lawson’s delish Mr Hive and Matt Wilkinson’s funky Bishop of Ostia, not to mention the Point, the Atlantic the Aylesbury, Libertine,  and the Botanical.Cocktails

But every great food event needs fabulous drinks, and I’ve been doing my research (somebody’s gotta do it) so make sure you check out my TOP FIVE COCKTAILS at Taste of Melbourne.

And while you’re surfing around Five of the Best, have a look at the top five foodie gems from Matt Wilkinson, the cheeky and oh-so talented chef behind Pope Joan, Bishop of Ostia and Spud Bar.

Happy dining!


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12 2012 Nov

A cure for Monday-itis?

Baking secrets from Melbourne’s best

Melburnians love Phillippa Grogan’s home-style baking at her eponymous bakeries. The Armadale mum-of-three has a knack for giving customers exactly what they want – consistently great sourdough bread, beautiful cakes and delicious biscuits.

And today Phillippa is sharing a recipe for one of her most popular treats – the old-school butter cake with passionfruit butter icing – plus her top five tips for perfect baking results. Find it all at Five of the Best.

While you’re poking around the site, check out Matt Wilkinson’s favourite food producers. The talented Pope Joan chef finds all sorts of goodies, from hand-picked scallops to a bizarre white root veggie called salsify.

You’ll also find personal top fives from Melbourne’s hottest chefs, including Vue de Monde’s Shannon Bennett, Circa’s Paul Wilson, Florentino’s Guy Grossi, the European’s Ian Curley, Estelle’s Scott Pickett, Le Petit Gateau’s Pierrick Boyer, Maha’s Shane Delia and La Luna’s Adrian Richardson… just to name a few.


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9 2012 Nov

Slide into the weekend…

Happy Friday!

Spring racing is the official launch of BARBECUE SEASON and Five of the Best wants to make sure your backyard barbie is a fabulous success.Ian Curley

Check out the hot barbecue tips from carnivore-loving chefs Ian Curley (right, from the European Group) and Paul Wilson, (Circa and a host of other diners in the Melbourne Pub Group) – complete with friendly heckling from 3AW food guru, Epicure scribe and barbecue aficionado Bob Hart, who reckons Chef Wilson has it all wrong. Bob says the key to good barbecue is not only heat, but also the right kind of smoke. For this barbie novice, I reckon Ian Curley has the right idea. His first tip is to turn on source of heat. Now THAT’S a good start.

But there’s no barbecue without top cuts of meat, fabulous salads and crusty bread, so get on down to the market tomorrow morning. No excuses – here’s my top five guide to this weekend’s farmers’ markets.



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