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28 2012 Nov

Festive flavour bombs

Fruit Mince PiesHave you been good
little boys and girls?

Superstitious types like to make a secret wish after eating their first mince tart of the festive season. Others reckon the sweet little fruit bombs bring good luck.

So that first bite of buttery pastry and boozy fruit had better be a good one, right?

Five of the Best has done the hard yards and had a crack at more mince pies that we care to admit, coming up with this first salvo of the silly season – TOP FIVE MINCE PIES.

I hope your mince pie wish comes true.


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22 2012 Nov

Love a chook parmigiana?

Top 5 chicken parmas

Melburnians love chicken parma. It’s right up there with AFL and good espresso – almost an obsession.

Lee Hinkley, Parma DazeI love that blissful blend of chook, napoli and cheese as much as the rest of you, but on the parma madness scale, nobody comes close to Lee Hinkley (right), who has devoted his adult life to giving detailed and perilously honest reviews of every chicken parma in town. Not everyone will agree with Lee’s  TOP FIVE CHICKEN PARMAS, but that’s the fun part, right?

Also on FIVE OF THE BEST this morning…

Remember Alvin Quah? That cheeky MasterChef contestant undone by Adriano Zumbo’s eight-layered vanilla cake in series two? He’s still carving out a living from home cooking, but his real obsession is hunting down Australia’s best Malaysian eateries.

So if noodles, laksa and light-as-a-feather hand-made roti are your thing, make sure you check out Alvin’s TOP FIVE MALAYSIAN RESTAURANTS.




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27 2012 Oct

Iced coffee madness

I might be wrong, but this may just be the best iced coffee in Melbourne.
Shocolate in Fitzroy served this balloon of goodness this arvo and I’m in caffeine heaven.
But I promise to keep researching Melbourne’s best iced coffee #hardshipposting

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