Posted: 4 Mar 2015

5 of the best walks in Melbourne

Hayley RoperMeet Hayley Roper, the ridiculously fit personal training expert for Be. Magazine.

These are Hayley’s five favourite places to walk in Melbourne – great tips for those of us trying to chalk up more exercise. Hayley is also helping Melburnians having a crack at the Move More Challenge, where Medibank Private, Coles and Flybuys have joined forces to reward people who record 10,000 steps a day during March.

1. Royal Botanical Gardens

Birdwood Ave, Melbourne

A treasured Melbourne icon, these stunning gardens near the CBD are a great place to exercise, socialise and admire the natural beauty that Melbourne has to offer. It’s a lovely place to visit on Sundays with the family, to get your steps up together.

2. Como Park

Alexandra Ave, South Yarra

Como Park is my favourite area for HIT (high intensity training), due to its huge staircase, big hills and an oval. I suggest you do a couple of laps of the park, sprint up the stairs and then walk down them to recover.

3. Grant’s Picnic Ground

70 Monbulk Rd, Kallista, 9755 3376

Here, you can do a 3km or 10km walk, both offering beautiful scenery as you progress through the forest. The walks involve some steep hills, which are great for cardio.

4. Kokoda Memorial Walk (1000 Steps)

Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Upper Ferntree Gully

Another rainforest walk, you can increase your steps while enjoying the lush scenery and fresh air. However, this is a challenging one that will test your fitness. The great café there means you can make a full day of your trip and take some time to relax and recover!

5. Fawkner Park

Pasley St, South Yarra

Faulkner Park is flat so it’s not too strenuous a walk, but the upside is it’s so pretty and green (see photo above), and everyone around there is so friendly.

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