Posted: 31 Dec 2014

Wine Republic’s guide to summer cocktails

Tom and Fiona from Wine Republic

Meet Tom O’Mara and Fiona Lim (right), the brains and noses behind Fitzroy’s extraordinary bottlo Wine Republic. They not only offer a fabulous range of wines, but also one of Melbourne’s best craft liquor collections.

So who better to ask for a selection of summer cocktail recipes? Here are Tom and Fiona’s top five.

1. The Cheeky Royal

Take a champagne glass and pour in 30ml of Fair Goji Liquor and top with dry sparkling wine (or Champagne if you want to splurge). We love using the Andre Delorme Brut NV. At $29.99 this is one of the best value French sparklings around. Garnish with a twist of orange peel or a halved strawberry.

Cocktails2. Paris at Sunset

Fill a martini glass with frozen blood orange ice cubes (a freezer staple) and add Gabriel Boudior Saffron Gin (60ml). Garnish with a bay leaf.

3. Summer in the Hamptons

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add Atsby Amberthorn New York Vermouth (15ml), Cointreau (15ml) and Greenhook American Gin (30ml). Top up with the pre-made camomile tea sweetened with honey (about 60ml). Garnish with edible flowers (which you can find at Fruits on Coventry at the South Melbourne Market), or you could use micro herbs or a twist of orange peel.

4. Christmas Got Punched

Put the following in a large punch bowl… 2 cups of chilled orange juice, 1 cup chilled Capi cranberry soda, 1 cup Bass and Flinders Grape Vodka, 1 cup Cointreau, 1 cup Capi soda, juice from 5 lemons and plenty of halved strawberries, seedless red grapes, halved blueberries, de-seeded cherries and ice.

5. Uncle Ben

Take 30ml whisky (we like using the Michel Couvreur Clearach Single Malt Whisky) and 30ml of port (we like Dutchke Old Codger Port) and 10ml Dom Benedictine. Stir ingredients with ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a slice of orange. Serve with Christmas pudding, a large block of Koko Black Leatherwood Honeycomb dark Chocolate and, if you wish, a nice big cigar.

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