Posted: 2 Apr 2015

Where to drink after the show at the comedy festival

 Juan Vesuvius MICFWant to know where the best places to grab a drink after catching a show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival?

Five of the Best asked award-winning Kiwi comedian Barnie Duncan for his favourite places to party the night away.

Barnie’s character Juan Vesuvius (right) is a ridiculously suave Venezuelan DJ addicted  to Calypso music and maracas. If you go to his show, you won’t be able to resist clapping. You might even dance. You’ll certainly laugh a lot, so book here (his show runs until April 7 at the Tuxedo Cat).

Festival goers may also find Barnie at one of his five favourite Melbourne bars. But a word of warning… these picks are from Barnie’s alter-ego Juan, so look look out for the maracas (and please excuse the Cuban accent).

1. Yah Yahs

99 Smith St, Fitzroy, 9419 4920

Sometimes comedy shows can go so long. You finish the shows, you speak to the fans, you teach them some maracas.. and then where you go? Yah Yahs. So late, so stoopid, so fun.

2. Tuxedo Cat Bar

17-23 Wills St, Melbourne

Is a great place to meet the guys. So many hot-shot comedy artists and cool guys hanging around with other cool guys. Friendly ping-pong and not cost too much beers. Wow.

3. The Cabinet

11 Rainbow Alley, Melbourne, 9654 0915

This where to go for a good time. You sit outside to do the smoking, which I like to do when I finish a show because I need to feel a little bit of pain when I breathe. They have discount for comedy arts peoples too. And the staff are tough.

4. Night Cat

137-141 Johnston St, Fitzroy, 9417 0090

Wow, I have deejayed at this place. Is a good selection of Latin musics for dancing late. Sometimes is nice to dance late, but not to Beyonce. I know she is so cool, but sometimes I need the cumbia. Do you what I am saying to you?

5. Joes Shoe Store

233 High St, Northcote, 9482 7666

I go on a date here with a beautiful lady. This place is nice… they have delicious beer and at the men wear nice moustache. I did not meet Joe or see any shoe, but the courtyard make me feel a little bit like Heeeeellloooooooo Cuba!

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