Posted: 1 Nov 2012

Huxtaburger’s Daniel Wilson
gives his top five burger tips

Daniel Wilson knows all about perfect burgers. He sells hundreds of them every day, along with some seriously good crinkle cut chips and cans of cold beer at Collingwood’s insanely popular takeaway joint Huxtaburger.

With a focus on excellent ingredients, Daniel’s burgers are served American style with soft and sweet brioche buns, grass-fed Wagyu beef patties, a smear of mustard, mayo, tomato and a pickle.

His burgers are so good, queues can form out the Smith St door. But Daniel reckons home cooks can make a perfect burger. It all comes down to a few cooking tips, which he shares here:

1.  Use good meat

Make sure you get freshly ground beef from a butcher or the markets. You can ask them to add a bit of fat if it’s a bit lean. I don’t add anything to the mince except salt and pepper. It should taste like meat. Don’t work the meat too much or it will become tough.

2.  Toast the bun with butter

I like toasting the bun in a pan with clarified butter until it’s a little golden and crisp.  This also steams the bun from the inside so that it’s soft and compresses around the other ingredients.  Also don’t get buns that are too big. The bun is really only there to hold everything together.

3.  Make your own mayonnaise & pickles

You should be able to taste all the flavours of the burger.  If you make your own fresh mayonnaise, with free range eggs and decent oil, the flavour is so much better.  Pickling your own cucumber and beetroot is so simple and nice to have in the fridge for other dishes too (check out Taste’s recipes for pickled cucumber and mayonnaise).

4. Keep It Simple

Don’t put too much or too many ingredients in your burger.  If there are too many or lots of exotic ingredients, they might end up fighting each other. You don’t want powerful flavours to clash. Use quality not quantity.

5.  Only turn the patty once

When cooking the burger patty either in a pan or on the barbecue, don’t keep flipping it over. Make sure the surface in hot enough and then just let it sizzle away for a nice caramelised crust. If you keep turning it, all of the juices will come out and you will not get a nice crust. Put the cheese on the top when it’s almost done so that it can melt over the patty.
Huxtable's Daniel Wilson
Taste Daniel’s burgers for yourself at Huxtaburger, 106 Smith St, Collingwood, open from 11.30am to 10pm daily.

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