Posted: 15 Jan 2014

Easy summer cocktails
to make at home

Capi cocktailsGet some friends together for a summery get-together and try these super simple cocktail recipes from Five of the Best sponsor Capi.

1. Summer Breeze

This is a classic summer cocktail with an extra bit of zing. Just mix together…
• 45ml vodka
• 150ml Capi cranberry soda
• 50ml Capi blood orange soda
• Blood orange wedges to garnish

2. Summer Storm

For a modern take on classic, mix together…
• 60ml of (Pampero) rum
• Juice of half a lime
• 200ml Capi ginger beer
• Wimbledon garnish (turn half of the juiced lime inside-out)
• Top with ice

3. Twisted Capi Spritzer

This drink is a different take on the Aperol spritz, making it a feel good hit of the summer. Mix together…
• 40ml (Johnnie Walker Black Label) scotch whiskey
• 20ml Aperol
• 150ml Capi blood orange soda
• Dried blood orange slice to garnish

4. The Capiloma

This is an inventive twist on Mexico’s beloved Paloma cocktail, a cousin of the Margarita with the same sweet-and-sour DNA. Just mix together…
• 45ml of (Herradura Blanco) tequila
• 15ml lemon juice
• 10ml Benedictine
• Top with Capi grapefruit soda
• Dash of hot sauce
• Lime and lemon wheels to garnish

5. Negroni de Capi

Here is a Capi-infused version of this classic italian aperitif. Just mix together…
• 40ml (Tanqueray) gin
• 20ml Aperol
• Top with Capi blood orange soda
• Blood orange slice to garnish

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