Posted: 28 Dec 2013

La Madre Fruit Mince PiesTop 5 recipes for leftover mince pies

If you have a stash of mince pies left over from Christmas, La Madre’s Anna Spurling has some scrummy ideas to recycle the festive treat.

The rich little tarts from Anna’s Geelong bakery (pictured right) finished #1 in my Top 5 Christmas treats. Now that Christmas is done and dusted for another year, Anna joined forces with supermum blogger Gourmet Girlfriend to dream up these five recipes for stray mince pies (if there are such things).

1. Trifle with a twist

Crumble mines pies and layer with vanilla whipped cream and fresh berries for a modern slant on festive trifle.

2. Cake toppers

Scoop the fruit mince from the pastry and heat in a pan with a dash of festive brandy and some dried or fresh cranberries. Warm gently for several minutes to plump fruit and use to top mini cheesecakes or serve alongside a slice of chocolate tart.

3. Fruit balls

Crumble pies into small pieces, roll into little balls and dip into melted chocolate. Pop them in the fridge to set and you have a perfect little treat with your cuppa.

4. Mince pie ice cream

Chop up your mince pies into tiny pieces, mix into softened vanilla ice cream and whack it back into the freezer, ready for your next sweet craving.

5. Spiced pikelets, vanilla peaches, yoghurt & mint

Carefully remove the mince from 6 fruit mince tarts and reserve the pastry shells. Place the mince in a mixing bowl. Put the pastry in a food processor and blitz using the pulse function until they resemble breadcrumbs (with some larger pieces for an interesting texture). Place the crumb into the mixing bowl with the fruit mince and add 2 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup of self-raising flour and 1 tsp of baking power and combine well to something resembling a pikelet batter (add a little extra milk if you need to thin it down). Gently fry several at a time in a lightly buttered non stick pan. Don’t turn until the holes that appear remain (about 2-3 min). Flip and cook on the other side for a minute or so. Remove to a serving platter and top with Gourmet Girlfriend’s vanilla poached peaches. Top with a generous dollop of yoghurt some fresh mint leaves, with some of the poaching syrup drizzled over.

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