Posted: 29 Aug 2013

Lola Berry’s top 5 yoga joints

Healthy food guru Lola Berry is famous for making healthy food sexy and fun, but Melbourne’s most colourful nutritionist is also a self-confessed yoga junky.

“I’ve practiced all over the place in Melbourne,” Lola says. “There’s literally something for everyone, from hip hop yoga to Bikram hot yoga or a super deep and relaxing yin class. I believe that yoga finds you, so this top 5 might be just the nudge you need to try it out. Namaste.”

Lola is about to take yoga teacher training, so you may soon be able to take one of her classes, but in the meantime, here are her favourites…

1. For beginners

Power Living, 4 Union St, South Melbourne, 9699 3731

Every yoga school will offer a beginners class, but Power Living yoga is pretty awesome. The space is great, with a Balinese-style thatched roof, and the energy is really inspiring. They always end the class with awesome music.

2. If you like it hot

Bikram Ascot Vale, 1st floor, 386 Mount Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale, 9372 8786

This studio is unreal. In Bikram yoga, the room is heated to 40C and the humidity is 40 per cent, so girls shouldn’t expect their hair to stay nice. Despite being a beginners sequence, this yoga can feel quite demanding as it stays that hot for the entire 90 minute class. so bring a bottle of water and have some electrolytes post class. You can feel your body doing a huge detox in these classes. My skin always glows post Bikram classes.

3. For the adventurous

Yoga 213, 12 Garden St, South Yarra, 98265391

Hip Hop yoga is great fun. You practise a Vinyasa flow class to hip hop music and the studio feels very sure and LA inspired – such a nice and different take on yoga. Barre Body yoga is another goodie. This type of yoga incorporates ballet, pilates and yoga into a 1 hour class. It’s dynamic but great for all levels, and there are studios in the city, Windsor and Fitzroy.

4. If you want to relax

Power Living, Level 1, 260 Nicholson St, Fitzroy, 9419 1118

Yin Yoga is one of my favourite classes to take. You work really deep into postures and hold each posture for extended periods of time, so it really helps you to get into a deep practise. Remember… you’re in charge of how far you go, so you can make it as relaxing or strength-building as you like. I float out of that class every week – best sleep of my life afterwards.

5. At the gym

Kaya Health Club, 325 Chapel St, Prahran, 9090 1000

If you’re not too sure you want to dive into yoga, then some gyms offer yoga classes. At Kaya they offer pilates too, plus weights, pump, zumba and spin classes. So you’re getting all the benefits of a gym with pilates, plus both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes. It’s a great way to dip your toe into yoga whilst being in the comfort of your own gym.

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