Posted: 7 Nov 2012

Where does the city’s best French
pastry chef go for dinner?

Sugar guru Pierrick Boyer is up to his ears in caramel, chocolate, cream and all manner of fruity delights at his massive pastry kitchen at the RACV Club in Melbourne.

So when the French-born pastry chef knocks off from making some of Melbourne’s most exquisite cakes, desserts and sweet nibbles for the club and his patisserie Le Petit Gateau, the last thing Pierrick wants is sugar.

Here are his top five SAVOURY dining venues:

1. Spitiko

My good friend Philip Vakos (ex-MasterChef) serves AMAZING souvlaki at his restaurant Spitiko. His Greek menu is fantastic and it has a great atmosphere. Perfect place to eat with friends.
270 Park St, South Melbourne, 9690 2600

2. Huxtaburger

What more can be said about these hamburgers? Huxtaburger is the best in Melbourne. I get some serious cravings for their burgers sometimes, so have to go.
106 Smith St, Collingwood, 9417 6328

3. PM24

For authentic French cuisine, Philippe Mouchel’s PM24 is the best place in Melbourne.
24 Russell St, Melbourne, 9207 7424

4. Maha

When I have a special occasion to celebrate, I go to Maha. Shane Delia (the owner/chef) rocks the Melbourne restaurant scene with his passion for top quality food. It’s consistently great and getting better all the time.
21 Bond St, Melbourne, 9629 5900

5. Hare & Grace

Raymond Capaldi and his team at Hare and Grace do an amazing job. The venue and the menu is very modern, with great flavours and the food always looks stunning.
525 Collins St, Melbourne, 9629 6755

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