Posted: 30 Oct 2012

Top five ways with
new season mangoes

Is there anything more summery and seductive than a perfectly ripe mango? We know it’s summer when the sweet smell of tropical Queensland wafts south to our markets and shops in the form of plump, juicy fruit.

So make the most of the plentiful mangos on our fruit stands, and give these top five recipe ideas a crack.

1. Prawn and mango salad

Combine lettuce, peeled king prawns, mango slices and garnish with fresh lime and ranch dressing for a quick and light meal (pictured above) that looks deceptively impressive.

2. Crab and mango dip

Combine the chopped flesh of 2 mangoes with a 200g tin of crab meat (drained), 2 tbs of mayonnaise and 4 chopped shallots to make a tasty mango dip. Slice up a crusty baguette and serve.

3. Tropical icy poles

Peel and remove the stones of 4 mangoes and put the fruit in a food processor with 600ml of water and a handful of mint leaves. Pour the liquid into icy pole moulds to make a perfect treat for a hot summer day.

4. Chicken, capsicum and mango skewers

Barbecued mango is a flavour everyone will love. Skewer cubes of mango, red capsicum and chicken alternatively and char-grill on a medium-to-hot barbecue until lightly coloured.

5. Mango salsaAustralian mangoes

For a lively topping for pan-fried fish or chicken, simply combine diced mango, avocado and finely chopped red onion, followed chopped parsley leaves, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Stir lightly and spoon over cooked  fish or chicken.

For more tips on quick meals and drinks using mangoes, check out the Australian Mango Industry’s website here.

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