Posted: 29 Nov 2012

Melbourne’s best cocktail bars

Amy CollinsMeet Amy Collins, cocktail bar hunter.

The Melbourne blogger hunts through every back lane of this fine city for the best little drinking hidey-holes.

Here are her top five…

1. 1806, city

1806 is my go-to bar for a cocktails in Melbourne. It’s a perfect combination of class and comfort (right).  You can tell they know their stuff as soon as you see their cocktail menu, written by bar manager Nick Reed. It tells a little history of the humble cocktail and helps you choose your poison. I can’t go past the Clover Club.

2. Black Pearl, Fitzroy

The people at Black Pearl are fun and a little bit crazy, but also spot on with their drinks. Upstairs you’ll find The Attic, where table service allows Chris Hysted and the crew to take their time with the drinks. It’s always fun to let the guys here whip you up something different, often off menu.

 3. Bar Americano, city

When it comes to cocktails it seems that anything Matthew Bax touches, turns to gold. This tiny gem is no exception. There is only room for 10 customers at a time at Bar Americano, so this isn’t a destination bar but rather a stop over between venues.  Paying homage to Harry’s Bar in Venice, it really nails that Italian atmosphere, and if you’ve been to Harry’s you’ll know just how alike they are. The French 75 is not cheap at $23, but it’s amazing.

4. Eau de Vie

Its entrance is oh-so-Melbourne and hard to find but there is something so romantic about Eau de Vie (right), like I’ve been transported to another era. If you can secure a spot at the bar you should. Watching this bar team is a lot of fun. The espresso zabaione here takes the caffeine-fuelled martini to another level. The espresso martini base is topped with saffron and vanilla mousse, which they freeze dry with liquid nitrogen. You’ll need a spoon to crack through it.

5. The Everleigh

Something about being at The Everleigh makes me feel like I should keep my conversation to a whisper.  The speakeasy style second level bar, can feel like a pretty awesome secret. Run by the guys behind New York’s Milk and Honey, you know they are on to a winner. Their Honey Bee, a combination of rum, honey and lemon, could cure the worst of colds, but the Bartender’s Choice is always a bit of fun.

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