Fast food: 5 irresistible car snacks


Whenever the Grand Prix rolls into town, I think about driving.¬†And since my world revolves around food, thoughts turn to driving food. This is not fancy food. There’s no place for posh on a road trip. This is comfort food easily consumed with one hand on the wheel (extremely safely, of course) and these are five of my favourites.

  1. Jaffles at the Corio Bay Truck Stop

    1. Corio Bay Roadhouse
    2. 383 Melbourne Rd, Corio
    3. If you’re on the road to Geelong, pull in to this landmark truck stop and order a jaffle. Made fresh to order, with a just-like-mum’s savoury mince, these buttery jaffles are the ultimate comfort food, and they’re easy to eat with one hand on the wheel. The bacon and egg rolls are another perfect road trip snack. Don’t expect anything flash… just good, honest food.
  2. Pies at the Red Door Cafe

    1. Red Door Cafe pies
    2. 313 Black Forest Drive, Macedon
    3. Open daily from 6am to 7.30pm, this service station cafe might look like any other roadside joint, but the home-made food is next level. Pop in for freshly baked pies, sausage rolls and sweet treats. You’ll want to take some home for Ron (later on).
  3. Snakes

    1. Snakes
    2. Service stations everywhere
    3. Snakes. The lolly kind. Can’t resist them when I fill up the car at a petrol station. They remind me of road trips with my dad, and they make everyone smile.
  4. Burgers from Super Lekker

    1. Super Lekker burger
    2. 2/99 High St, Woodend
    3. Apologies for the lame photo. I couldn’t wait to rip into this burger – one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Was it because we were on a country road trip? Was the it the fresh air at Woodend? Not sure, but it hit the spot with a juicy locally-grown beef pattie, Istra bacon (another central highlands food hero), cheese, smoky BBQ sauce, caramelised onion, pickles and American mustard. Even the chips are made with locally-grown spuds. Just be prepared to get messy if you tackle one of these bad boys behind the wheel.
  5. Macca’s fries

    1. Maccas fries
    2. My ultimate guilty car trip indulgence – Macca’s ubiquitous french fries. You can munch’m with one hand without taking your eyes off the road, and (even though I hate to admit it), they’re the most consistently good hot chips in the fast food universe.



Fast food: 5 irresistible car snacks