5 genius ways to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Leandro, Cobram Estate

As the chief oil maker at Cobram Estate, Leandro Ravetti knows more than a few hacks for using extra virgin olive oil.

The company’s co-CEO has produced more than 200 million litres over the past 25 years, along with judging national and international EVOO competitions.

To celebrate Cobram Estate’s 2021 harvest, Leandro has shared some favourite uses for EVOO you might not have tried.


Cobram Estate figs

Toasted sourdough bread, a thin slice of Manchego (or other aged) cheese, half a fig (or semi dried tomato if you don’t like figs) and nice big drizzle of Cobram Estate Classic Flavour Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil binds the ingredients, adding moisture to the bread, smoothness to the cheese and richness to the fig.


Take a thin slice of fresh orange, dust it with cinnamon sugar and drizzle some Cobram Estate Light Flavour Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then add a splash of warm rum and flame it to caramelise the sugar like a wacky take on the traditional Crêpe Suzette. It almost tastes like a Danish pastry.


Dark chocolate is a great match with Cobram Estate Robust Flavour Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There are many desserts that suit this combo, but dark chocolate mousse and EVOO is one of my faves, as it transforms the flavour to a very rich milk chocolate. The fattiness in the oil “covers” the bitterness of the chocolate and vice versa — the fat in the chocolate covers the bitterness in the oil whilst boosting the richness of the cacao flavours, resulting in a smooth velvety milk chocolate taste.

Cobram Estate


This is a fantastic dessert. Take soft vanilla ice cream and mix it with cracked pepper and finely chopped basil, then drizzle with Cobram Estate Classic Flavour Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or our Ultra Premium Hojiblanca). It’s a great combination of cold and sweet ice cream with the heat and crunch of pepper and the sharp freshness of basil, all tied together with the creamy mouthfeel of the oil.


Make yourself an olive leaf gin martini with droplets of Cobram Estate Classic Flavour Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It goes really well, enhancing the infused olive leaf flavours of the gin. Adding a couple of juniper berries and a cardamon pod also works wonders.


5 genius ways to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil