5 of the weirdest beers at GABS

GABSTim Tams, Vegemite and Green Ants aren’t the first ingredients that come to mind when thinking of great beer, but not at GABS (otherwise known as the Great Australasian Beer SecTAPular), taking over Carlton’s Melbourne Exhibition Building from May 17-19. May is a beer lover’s paradise in Melbourne, which celebrates Good Beer Week  with a jam-packed calendar of events from May 10-19.

Here are five of the most bonkers flavours at GABS, with tasting notes from the event organisers. Are you game?

  1. Bloody Mary IPA

    1. Aether Brewing, Queensland
    2. Pouring out a bright ruby red brew, there are aromas of celery, cucumber, chilli, hop driven botanicals and (of course) tomato. Rich and juicy with a subtle tomato character giving way to the celery, cucumber with a mild lingering bitterness laced with chilli spice.
  2. Chargrilled roo in the Kangabrew

    1. Rare Bird Brewing, Victoria
    2. Out of all the things that could be put in beer, I’m sure you weren’t expecting char-grilled kangaroo. Inspired by this huge island we reside on, Rare Bird is bringing you a red wheat beer with native mountain pepper berries and the unusual addition of actual kangaroo. There are a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock at GABS this year.
  3. Vegemite Gose

    1. Sweet Amber Brewing Company, South Australia
    2. Here’s the taste of Australia that we know and love. With a suitably yeasty aroma and unparalleled bitterness, it’s tangy and salty just like the breakfast of champions.
  4. The Tim Tam Slam

    1. Big Shed Brewing Concern, South Australia
    2. An inoffensive Aussie classic, and insurmountably more delectable than a shoey,  the Tim Tam Slam has garnered respect and fans around the world. This year, Big Shed is bringing you the much loved combo of coffee and Tim Tam in a stein. For extra authenticity, you can even sip it through a Tim Tam.
  5. Green ant sour

    1. Shifty Lizard Brewing Company, South Australia
    2. This year, Shifty Lizard wants you to dance like you’ve got ants in your pants. Harnessing an army of green ants to the pour, with a citrus tone this kettle sour can be a great way to shake off the nerves and bust a move.

5 of the weirdest beers at GABS