Rum: 5 of the world’s best

St Lucia's Charlie Ranken and Steph HarrisBy WENDY HARGREAVES

For this country girl, drinking rum is a nostalgia trip to B&S balls and their V8 utes, bad suits, taffeta frocks and dusty swags.

But those Bundy ‘n Coke marathons are so last century (literally). These days, my rum’s made for sipping, like a single malt whisky.

And one of the best places to get a lesson in the finer points of rum is Saint Lucia, a Windsor rum bar and Caribbean barbecue run by husband-and-wife team Charlie Ranken and Steph Harris (pictured right).

Saint Lucia serves rum from around the globe, with flavours ranging from bright and spiced through to dark, rich and smokey.

Charlie and Steph have chosen five of their favourites, and explain the best way to drink them.

  1. Beach House Spiced Rum, Mauritius

    1. This one will surprise you. Beach House is a unique rum with a beautiful golden straw colour. You’ll get blood orange and honey on the nose with ginger and tropical fruits on the palate. Perfect with a few cubes of ice as an after dinner sipper.
  2. Chairman’s Reserve, St Lucia

    1. A rich amber colour with sweet, honeyed fruit on the nose and ripe raisin, tobacco and spice on the palate. The sharpness of this rum make its great for cocktails. This is our favourite to use in a rum old fashioned.
  3. Ratu 5yo Dark Rum, Fiji

    1. A rustic dark brown colour with a savoury, smokey, oak nose and caramel, vanilla and tea on the palate. This five-year-old rum is best enjoyed neat but if you like a mixer, a spicy ginger beer and lime is the ticket.
  4. Habitation Saint Etienne Black Sheriff, Martinique

    1. This gin is a gorgeous dark brown colour with chocolate and smoke on the nose. There’s no need to do anything with this rum except sip and savour.
  5. Zacapa, Guatemala

    1. Intense and rich with a dark mahogany colour and a spicy chocolate and citrus nose. This 23-year-old rum is super smooth, very well balanced and has a great rich, velvety mouth feel. This rum is best enjoyed neat in a nice glass.


Rum: 5 of the world’s best