A chocolate guru’s guide to Easter eggs

Kirsten TibballsKirsten Tibballs is Australia’s undisputed queen of chocolate, with loyal cocoa-obsessed subjects across Australia and around the globe. Her exquisite handmade chocolates are literally the best the world (winning both the World Pastry Championships and the Pastry Olympics), while her Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School is creating whole new generation of chocolatiers. So when Kirsten recommends places to buy Easter chocolate, it’s time to sit up and takes notice (not that Kirsten needs to shop for the good stuff, with a Willy Wonka-esque stash of chocolate available at the Savour shop).

Here are Kirsten’s top five Easter chocolate haunts:

  1. Oxfam

    1. Oxfam
    2. Order online at oxfam.org.au
    3. Oxfam’s online store has some lovely Easter gifts – a great option for those seeking chocolate with a conscience. I love their decorated eggs, which are made in Belgium, along with the Divine Toffee & Sea Salt milk chocolate egg for the unexpected crunch factor. Divine’s use of pure cocoa butter gives this egg a really smooth taste, and the ingredients are Fairtrade. 

  2. Mornington Peninsula Chocolates

    1. Mornington Peninsula Chocolates
    2. 45 Cook St, Flinders, 03 5989 0040
    3. Mornington Peninsula Chocolates has an incredible range of eggs if you’re looking for something a bit fancy. It’s not your traditional Easter chocolate, but their really creative pieces like their chocolate goldfish are hard to go past – the problem is they’re almost too beautiful to eat.
  3. Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

    1. Yarra Valley Chocolaterie
    2. 35 Old Healesville Rd, Yarra Glen, 03 9730 277
    3.  Yarra Valley Chocolaterie do amazing handcrafted eggs, plus they also offer Easter activities for families such as
      hunts, which is perfect over Easter. I’m in love with their Easter bunny family (pictured top) which come in different sizes and with different coloured jackets. Their one metre tall bunny is the stuff of dreams for a chocaholic.
  4. Wawa Chocolatier

    1. Wawa Easter eggs
    2. Shop 10, 892 Bourke St, Victoria Harbour, Docklands (next to Library @ The Dock)
    3. Wawa Chocolatier does amazing colourful eggs and has a pop up store at the Docklands. Their Vietnamese Coffee Speckled Eggs are my must-have this Easter. They’re not only a totally unique flavour for a traditional egg, but the design is just beautiful. They’re finished with gold leaf and even come in an egg carton. Easter perfection.
  5. Ladurée

    1. Laudree Chadstone
    2. Ground floor, Shop K114, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, 03 9568 8027
    3. Ladurée are known for gorgeous products and packaging, and Easter is no exception. In fact, they go all out. Thankfully they also just opened in Melbourne, and to be honest I’m likely to skip the Easter products and opt for a selection of their famous macarons instead.

Five of the Best joined one of Kirsten’s chocolate masterclasses at Savour. Watching Kirsten temper chocolate is almost as good as eating the finished product.


A chocolate guru’s guide to Easter eggs