Dessert for breakfast? Christy Tania says YES

Glace, Christy TaniaChristy Tania made dessert the main event for dinner at Melbourne’s first dessert restaurant Om Nom. Now the MasterChef regular is casting her sweet net over breakfast.

Christy’s new ice cream cafe Glacé is now serving a sweet breakfast menu, all washed down with some seriously tasty mocktails, harking back to her time at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and some of Melbourne’s top restaurants (Jacques Reymond, Vue de Monde).

Give the new menu a try at Glacé in Peel St, Windsor, or have a crack at home. These are Christy’s five favourite recipes for a sweet breakfast treat.

  1. Banana Milk Chocolate Brownie

    1. Glace, Christy Tania
    2. Ingredients
      300g butter
      160g caster sugar
      180g brown sugar/muscovado sugar
      270g eggs
      140g flour
      5g nutmeg powder
      5g cinnamon powder
      1g salt
      240g 35%-40% milk chocolate
      450g ripe banana
    3. Method
    4. In a stand mixer attached with a paddle, beat the butter and brown sugar together until creamy,
      Incorporate the eggs and continue mixing.
      Mix in the dry ingredients until well incorporated. Add melted milk chocolate and ripe banana into the mixture. Pour into a tray and bake at 165C for 15-20 minutes.
      Cool down on a grill tray and cut into desired shape/size.
  2. Coconut Soufflé Pancake with Orange Confit

    1. Glace, Christy Tania
    2. Ingredients
      3 eggs (separated yolk & white)
      75g flour
      75g coconut cream (cold)
      4 ½ tbs vegetable oil
      ¾ tsp baking powder
      75g caster sugar
      ¾ tsp cream of tartar (replace with lemon juice if unavailable
      1g salt
      3  eggs (separated yolk & white)
      1  vanilla pod
      For the orange confit…
      I whole orange
      150g sugar
      1 vanilla pod
    3. Method
    4. To make the orange confit, place oranges in a saucepan and cover with water. Place on medium high heat, start boiling the orange for 30-45 minutes, or until the oranges are soft and a knife can be inserted through easily
      Place oranges into ice bath to stop cooking, cut open and de-seed. Place the soft oranges into blender or food processor with the sugar and vanilla pod. Process till smooth.
      To make the pancakes, use a stand mixer to whisk egg yolks until pale. Sift in flour and baking powder and fold with spatula. Incorporate the coconut cream and vegetable oil at the end,
      In a clean bowl on the stand mixer, whisk egg white, cream or tartar (or lemon juice), salt and sugar together until stiff peaks form.
      Fold in the meringue to yolk mixture; careful not to over-fold and knock the air out of the meringue
      Heat non-stick pan and grease with butter on small-medium fire. Ladle a scoop of mixture to pan. Use a pancake ring if preferred. Cook on one side for 3-4 minutes (longer if using ring, depending on ring height), and flip to another side. Cook till golden. Serve hot with the orange confit.
  3. Cinnamon French Toast

    1. Ingredients
      80g pouring cream
      3 large eggs
      3g cinnamon powder
      1g salt
      1g nutmeg powder
      55g sugar
      Brioche slices for toast (cut thick) – stale gives best result
    2. Method
    3. Whisk together eggs, cream, and all ingredients together.
      Lightly dip the brioche slices in egg mixture.
      In a hot pan greased with butter, cook one side of the slice until golden brown and flip to the other side until cooked.
      Serve hot with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit or whipped chocolate ganache.
  4. Whipped Chocolate Ganache

    1. Ingredients
      225g cream
      50g glucose syrup
      35g hazelnut praline paste (sold at Savour in Brunswick)
      200g 70% chocolate
    2. Method
    3. In a saucepan, warm the cream and glucose syrup with hazelnut paste together.
      In a separate bain marie/saucepan, melt the chocolate.
      Mix both the cream mixture and melted chocolate together. Use hand mixer to emulsify if mixture separates. Rest the mixture in the fridge for an hour (best overnight). Mixture must cool completely.
      In a stand up mixer, whisk the ganache until soft peaks form.
  5. Vanilla Ice Cream

    1. Ingredients
      350g full cream milk
      50g skim milk powder
      120g egg yolk
      100g sugar
      40g glucose powder
      50g glucose syrup
      300g pouring cream
      2g ice cream stabiliser (available from gourmet food service providers)
      1 vanilla pod
    2. Method
    3. Cook milk, cream, glucose syrup and scrapped vanilla pods to 40C.
      Mix sugar with stabiliser and glucose powder.
      With hand whisk, mix sugar, stabilizer and glucose powder with egg yolk.Pour some of warm milk mixture to the egg mixture; pour back into the rest of milk mixture. Cook to 80C.
      Cool down and process following the ice cream processor, following manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, freeze mixture in ice cube moulds and blitz using strong blender or Thermomix





Dessert for breakfast? Christy Tania says YES