Eating in Fitzroy: a chef’s guide

Daniel WilsonDaniel Wilson, the chef behind Fitzroy’s ground-breaking restaurant Huxtable and co-founder of the Huxtaburger franchise, shares his top Fitzroy picks are to eat and drink.

  1. Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel

    1. Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel
    2. 166 Johnston St, Fitzroy, 03 9416 5055

    3. The consistency and quality of the food at this pub is what keeps me coming back. I love popping in here for some oysters (always shucked-to-order) in the afternoon or for lunch or dinner, where you can perch in the public bar or settle in to the dining room. The food is always delicious and generous. 

  2. Hinoki

    1. Hinoki Chirashi
    2. 279 Smith St, Fitzroy, 03 9417 4531

    3. This is a great Japanese grocer and sushi bar. I like to pick up Japanese goods here and rarely leave without sushi, as it’s excellent. My go-to is the chirashi sushi (pictured) – sashimi tuna, salmon, kingfish, prawn, scallop and salmon roe with avocado, Japanese omelette and pickles. It always leaves me feeling satisfied and healthy. They have a good selection of sake, too.

  3. Shimbashi

    1. Shimbashi soba
    2. 131 Smith Street, Fitzroy, 03 8657 8591

    3. The soba noodles here are made from freshly ground organic buckwheat from Tasmania. The team at Shimbashi actually buy the buckwheat groats and stone-mill their own flour for their noodles. It’s hard to go past the Gomadare Seiro, chilled plain noodles with sesame sauce. The sesame flavour with the cold soba noodles is very refreshing – a great summer dish (even better with a side of tempura).

  4. Belle’s Hot Chicken

    1. Belle's
    2. 150 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, 03 9077 0788
    3.  When I’m in need of a fried chicken fix, it’s always Belle’s. If the chicken livers are available, they’re a must-have; a plate full of southern-fried hot chicken livers served on toast. They’re amazing. My daughters love the chicken tenders with Mississippi Comeback sauce. Belle’s natural wines and craft beers are always interesting, and just right for quaffing with the fried feast.

  5. Mile End Bagels

    1. Mile End Bagels
    2. 14 Johnston St, Fitzroy
    3. The bagels here are made Canadian-style – Montreal to be exact – and they’re the only wood-fired bagels in Australia. They boil them in honey water and bake over wood to achieve the slightly crunchy, chewy bagel. My favourite is the Everything Bagel covered in poppy seeds, sesame seeds – all the seeds – with spring onion cream cheese.


Eating in Fitzroy: a chef’s guide