Eddie Perfect’s local guide to Brunswick

If you hang out in Brunswick for long enough, you’re bound to spot Eddie Perfect enjoying his home suburb’s thriving food scene.

The star of screen and stage loves Brunswick so much that he struggles to choose just five of his favourite places to eat out. There are too just too many.

But for the next two weeks (August 25 to September 10), you’ll find Eddie on the Comedy Theatre stage starring in The Beast, a blacker-than-black comedy he wrote to lampoon nose-to-tail zealots, wine snobs, helicopter parents, social climbers and self-righteous gardeners – nobody escapes.

Then you’ll find him back at his favourite Brunswick haunts…


    1. 63-67 Lygon St, Brunswick East, 1300 978 625
    2. This is our family Italian restaurant. Amazing pizza, jugs of great wine, and they’re very tolerant of our incredibly loud children. They also make this outrageous Nutella calzone with vanilla bean ice-cream that our kids lose their minds over.

    1. Green Park Dining Brunswick East
    2. Park St bike path, near Nicholson St, Brunswick East, 03 9380 5499
    3. Our local cafe (pictured top and right) is right on the bike path and features a playground where a lazy parent can eat and drink while their children run amok. Great food and coffee, friendly and fast service, and you can watch the human traffic jogging, cycling and stumbling along the bike path.

    1. Pope Joan
    2. 77-79 Nicholson St, Brunswick East, (03) 9388 8858
    3. Matt Wilkinson makes amazing food with local, seasonal veggies. It’s laid back and tasty as all get out. Another very hospitable crew, who turn a blind eye when your kids nick the cherry tomatoes growing in the garden.

    1. B East burgers - via Twitter
    2. 80 Lygon St, Brunswick East, (03) 9036 1456
    3. I suppose this is my local pub, though it’s really a bar and burger joint. The food is so comforting I often dream about it. Great burgers and fries with evil things like gravy and cheese. They have terrific live music on the weekends, and sitting out the front on the table is great for watching folks drift by.

    1. Gelo Bar, 74-76 Lygon St, Brunswick East, 03 9388 1419 and Cafe Romantica, 52-54 Lygon St, Brunswick East, (03) 9380 4437
    2. These two places make terrific gelato. We’re often here on a Friday after school. We’re incredibly fortunate to have so much brilliant Italian food in our neighbourhood, so we make the most of it.


Tickets to The Beast at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre are available from Ticketmaster from $79.90 until September 9, but seats are selling fast.

The Beast. Eddie Perfect and Alison Bell

The Beast’s Eddie Perfect and Alison Bell.


Eddie Perfect’s local guide to Brunswick