Cycling adventures around Melbourne

David Metzke, Dyson BikesDavid Metzke knows you don’t have to be a lycra warrior to enjoy cycling around Melbourne. The former car industry executive owns Dyson Bikes, selling Melbourne-designed electric bikes that give cyclists a little e-push as they peddle. Your Five of the Best correspondent ended up buying a Dyson after test riding the cruisy treddly around Melbourne’s city streets. I was skeptical at first, as a long-time cycling commuter, but the quiet battery-powered motor (hidden under my rear basket) means I’m still peddling to meetings, but not in a lather – like having my own personal tandem cyclist on board. Full battery mode gives you some extra kick to accelerate, climb hills or face head winds, but I rarely need it.  If you’re interested in a test ride, contact David and tell’m Wendy from Five of the Best sent you. Dyson e-bikes can be delivered anywhere in Australia (retailing for about $2000, depending on the model). And once you’ve got your new treddly sorted, give David’s top five bike trails a crack.

  1. Gardiners Creek Trail

    1. Gardiners Creek Trail
    2. Gardiners Creek Trail runs along the Yarra River. I normally pick it up at East Malvern Station, up over the freeway on the bridge, then you drop down into the golf course. It then winds its way along to the river ultimately ending up at Federation Square. There are a couple of forks in the road which can be a little confusing the first few times, but it is really pleasant way to get into the city. I particularly love it at night, when there’s never more than a handful of people and in some areas the path is lit runway style with lights dotting the edge.

  2. Bay Trail

    1. Bay Trail
    2. Running all the way from Mordialloc to Port Melbourne, the Bay Trail is a beautiful ride along the water’s edge and it’s very safe, with plenty of places to stop for a bite and a brew. It’s also fun to ride on beach road with the lycra set on a windy day overtaking them in jeans, a t-shirt and drinking a coffee on my Dyson e-bike.
  3. Carlton to the Capital City Trail

    1. image003
    2. I love riding the tree lined streets of Carlton, heading west to Royal Park past the Melbourne Zoo and onto the Capital City Trail. Royal Park is a bit of a hidden gem. More like a paddock than a park but just minutes from the city. Then I head back again in to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy for a coffee. It’s worth starting in Canning Street at about 5pm to watch what must be thousands of people heading home by bike after work, then jump on and ride along with them – an interesting experience.

  4. Main Yarra Trail

    1. Main Yarra Trail
    2. My two sisters live in the north of the city. One of them is in Rosanna and her house is very close to the Main Yarra Trail. This bike path is tucked in along the river and has some hard packed dirt sections. It’s like being in the bush. There are even sections with kangaroos munching away on the edge of the path.

  5. Murray To Mountains Rail trails

    1. Beechworth cycling
    2. There are some great rail trails across the state, and they’re all a great day out, but my favourite is the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail in Victoria’s north-east. The best part is around Bright or Beechworth. You can ride to wineries or micro breweries like Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth or Bright Brewery.


Cycling adventures around Melbourne